Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chasing Money May: Shane, Pac & Marquez

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been creating plenty of buzz lately as he was recently spotted in his Las Vegas Gym doing some sparring rounds. Many has taken this as a sign that Money May is now once again coming back to the boxing scene.
His last retirement in 2007 was never really taken seriously by fans and critics alike. Many thought it was just a ploy to avoid big, risky fights with Cotto, Margarito or Mosley. As we know, there are only two things Mayweather is concerned about.. money and his unblemished record.
And now that his name is being dragged back into the boxing spotlight, three names are coming up as potential opponents should Prettyboy Floyd really come back: Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

Juan Manuel Marquez: Fresh of his victory against Juan Diaz, Marquez immediately called out Mayweather, saying he is the best and he wants to fight the best. This of course was seen as a ploy to lure out Pacquiao. But should this fight happen, here is my two-cents worth for the fight:

The Fight: An ugly and boring match (or mis-match). Among the 3 fighters mentioned, Mayweather though is most likely to pick Marquez as his opponent as he is the fighter that poses the least threat to his record. Marquez is a much smaller fighter from the Super-featherweight ranks. Should he move up and fight Money May even at a catch weight of 144, he wont have enough power to hurt him. Mayweather is much bigger and faster than him. He also possesses a better defensive skill set. Marquez though has this unique ability to grow stronger late into the fight which might just give Mayweather a run for his money in the later rounds.

The Verdict: Mayweather by a late TKO or decision (a close one).

Manny Pacquiao: Now this would make for a classic fight. Manny against Money. Offense against Defense. Pound for Pound. Although, Pac has never really flat-out called on Mayweather, fans have been clamoring for this fight to happen. The former Pound-for-pound champ against the current Pound-for-pound champ. Many has now considered Pacquiao to be the one to defeat Money May based on their fights against Oscar Dela Hoya. When Mayweather fought ODLH, it came down to a very close and controversial Split-decision. It was a much different fight when Pacquiao fought Oscar. The fight was so one-sided that Oscar's camp was forced to stop the fight in the beginning of the 9th round.

The Fight: Mayweather is known for his defense and quick hands. But with Pacquiao's wide stance and long straight power-punching style and very good lateral movement, his style is perfect against Mayweather. Money May's sound defensive boxing has often frustrated opponents, making them lose focus and engage in a brawl. This is where Mayweather's quick hands come in to either KO his opponents or score quick points. Just like what happened to Ricky Hatton.
Pacquiao however is a much better and polished fighter than Hatton. He never engages mindlessly in brawls and possesses a hand-speed as fast as Mayweather. With his wide stance, he is able to engage his opponents from afar and unload those powerful 1-2 punch combination. And surprisingly he has brought his power with him going up in weight as he has demonstrated in his fight against Dela Hoya where the latter was forced into submission. But since Mayweather is very sound defensively, he may just avoid being KOed by Pacquiao.

The Verdict: Pacquiao by decision

Shane Mosley: One of the greatest Welterweights of all-time just like Mayweather. Another would-be-classic should this push through. I can not blame Money May for ducking Shane Mosley during his prime. He is a very dangerous fighter after all. But now that aged has caught up to him at 37, Mayweather might just agree to fight him for some serious dough. Reports have emerged that Mayweather has named his price at $20 mil to fight Mosley. This ridiculous amount is either based on May's love for money or to yet duck Shane once again. Shane Mosley is fresh off a stunning victory against Antonio Margarito, another strong welterweight that Mayweather is accused of ducking.

The Fight: If you've seen how Shane demolished Margarito in their last fight, you would not doubt that he definitely still has it. A very dangerous power-puncher with a very strong chin, Shane will pressure Mayweather all through out the fight until he forces him to kiss the canvass. Make no mistake though, that Mayweather's defense and quick counters will hurt Shane and give him a hard time. But Shane's bulk, power, experience and unrelenting pressure will be the difference in this fight.

The Verdict: Shane Mosley by KO or decision

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