Monday, March 16, 2009

Mayweather to "make an Announcement"

Backing up earlier reports that Floyd Mayweather Jr. may come back from his retirement, his camp has issued a statement that he is set to give an "announcement" this week after pulling out of a fund-raiser days earlier.

This announcement may or may not have anything to do with him coming back or anything related to boxing at all. However, his every move is being closely watched. It seems that May fans and haters alike are feeling some hints of "itch that needs to be scratched" from Floyd.

But if you ask me, I hope Mayweather stays retired. Its better for boxing that way. Fight fans will be given more punch-for-each-penny-paid action-packed fights with him out of the picture.
Many boxing fans probably want him to go back to boxing to watch him taste defeat in the hands of Cotto, Mosley, Williams and other great Welterwights. However, I shit you not that it will never happen.

Duck and collect. That's how Money May fights and it will stay that way. So please, Floyd.. enough drama and STAY RETIRED. Enjoy your life out there and let us enjoy action-packed boxing the way it should be.

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