Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mayweather to return july 11; wants Pac or Hatton

Mayweather's return is imminent. Reports of his return first surfaced when he was sighted doing some workouts in his Las Vegas gym. Now, his adviser Al Haymon has reportedly started talks with HBO for Mayweather's comeback fight. Money may has been hounded with problems with the IRS and now he IS going to the bank.

Now the question is, who will he fight?

Mayweather's camp is saying that he will fight anyone who wants him. Marquez, Mosley, Pacquiao or Hatton. He however expressed his unwillingness to fight Dela Hoya a second time around.

The winner of the Hatton-Pacquiao fight could be Mayweather's next opponent. Pacquiao, the clear favorite in the May 2 fight, would make for a good matchup against PBF. Pacquiao is the only fighter today that matches Mayweather in speed and there's no doubting his power as well.

The other names being thrown into the picture may not make a good fight as the others being considered.
Marquez against Mayweather would just be plain ugly. Marquez is clearly too small for Mayweather and both fighter's styles pitted against each other would make up for an ugly, boring match. Although, Marquez has shown otherwise when he fought another defensive counter-puncher in Joel Casamayor. We will have to see if this fight can materialize.

We've seen how Mayweather's defense has frustrated Hatton in their last fight and I do not think fight fans want to see that again. Besides, Hatton still has to deal with Pacquiao first.

Now, Mayweather against Shane Mosley. Now this would also make for a good matchup. Mosley, who PBF has been accused of ducking, is a strong fighter. He is well past his prime but he obviously can still deliver based on his last fight against Antonio Margarito. His exciting power-punching style would be perfect for Money May's defensive boxing. Fight fans would be excited for the outcome of this long-overdue fight.

What remains a mystery though, is why other prominent fighters in Mayweather's weight class are not mentioned. Names like Paul Williams and Miguel Cotto or even the suspended Margarito (they can fight anywhere). Marquez, Hatton and Pacquiao are fighters who belong in the lower weight classes from Mayweather's natural weight class which is already a clear advantage for him.

Will Mayweather follow his usual pattern of cherry-picking? We will see.

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