Monday, March 23, 2009

Mayweather to Comeback; Still Cherry-Picking?

Some want it. Some don't. But make no mistake, Floyd Mayweather will come back.The main issue however is who Floyd wants to fight.

Marquez has openly expressed his intention on fighting Mayweather. The winner of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight on May 2 is also being put on the line. And there's Shane Mosley.

Mayweather of course is reportedly asking for a tune-up fight before taking on the bigger fights. Many think that Andre Berto, an undefeated boxer going up in the welterweight ranks, would be perfect for this tune-up fight.

With all these developments, one cannot help but ask why a lot of significant names are not being mentioned. When Mayweather retired on 2007, he said there was no more challenge left for him in boxing. This of course was a lie. A lie that Mayweather knows but made himself firmly believe in.

Miguel Cotto.
Antonio Margarito (who unfortunately is suspended).
Paul Williams.

These names are the biggest names in Welterweight along with Mosley. But Mayweather has continually ducked them opting for safer fights in the older Dela Hoya, the smaller Hatton, and the safety of retirement.

Before Mayweather retired, Cotto was undefeated. He was the man-to-beat. He was a hungry champion. But Mayweather has ducked him straight up while giving lousy excuses. He knows Cotto was dangerous. He would not dare risk his record against him.

Cotto, of course suffered his first defeat in the hands of Antonio Margarito. With his rock-hard chin and hands, Margarito was a feared man. He simply walks up to his opponents straight up and pounds them like a jackhammer on concrete. Its no wonder Mayweather avoids him.

But the biggest name in the welterweight ranks has got to be Paul Williams. At a towering 6'1, williams is an unstoppable force. Height advantage, reach advantage, speed, power, metal chin, and a physique made of molded iron, Williams possesses all the arsenals that make him the best Welterweight.

What these three fighters need to do is go to Mayweather's gym or anywhere else and challenge him straight up in front of many people. This way, Mayweather will have no choice but to accept or risk being exposed of yet ducking these fighters.. in public.

Marquez is too small. Hatton had his chance. Pac could beat him. Mosley is great but old.The real fights are there in his own division. So why look in the lower weights? If Mayweather says he is the best then he should prove himself against the best.

My two-cents worth:
Cotto will give Mayweather a run for his money and take it away.. Margarito will beat him to a pulp.. and Williams will send him back into retirement.

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