Monday, March 9, 2009

Marquez vs Mayweather to materialize?

A very recent report has surfaced that when Marquez called on Mayweather, he was dead serious about it.

After his fight with Juan Diaz which ended in a spectacular knockout of the "Baby Bull", Juan Manuel Marquez called on the retired, former Pound-for-pound great Floyd Mayweather Jr. However Marquez' statement was not taken seriously as it was viewed only as a ploy to lure Pacquiao into agreeing to a third matchup with Marquez.

Reports have also surfaced about Pacquiao finally agreeing to a third meeting with Marquez after his May 2 encounter with Ricky Hatton.

Now things are becoming a little complicated since Golden Boy Promotions' Richard Schaefer has said that Marquez was serious with his intent on fighting Mayweather. And it seems that Mayweather just might take the bait. A fight with Marquez, after all, is the most low-risk, high-pay fight for him at the moment. As many boxing fans know, Mayweather is all for low-risk money fights.

But should this fight materialize, would it really make for a "money" fight?

With Mayweather's trashtalking and boxing fans' curiosity on how high Marquez can go with his 35-year-old body, ring smarts and sheer guts, this matchup could just have the right ingredients for it. Being the "money" fight does not make it THE FIGHT though.

As always, Mayweather will always duck stronger opponents like Pacquiao, Williams, Mosley, Margarito (who is currently suspended) and Cotto. Marquez is also great, but lets face it, among all the fighters I mentioned, he is the most low-risk fighter to fight Mayweather.

And with both their styles being defensive and counterpunchers, its going to be a boring fight.
I think the better matchup would be Marquez-Pacquiao and Mayweather against Mosley or Cotto or Williams. And whoever wins in these matchups will fight each other.

Now that would make for a great fight!

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