Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mayweather Back In Training?

Another report has surfaced hours ago that Floyd "Money" Mayweather is back in his Las Vegas Gym for some sparring sessions. If these reports are accurate, this may very well be a sign that Money May is dead set on coming back to the boxing scene.

Days after Juan Manuel Marquez has called out Money May, it seems that the former Pound-for-Pound best has started to smell the bait.

The undefeated boxer seems ready to unretire and the "hurt" business is in for another classic with the Money Man.

But is his unretirement really good for boxing?

I for one would not think so. I would like to, but no.

Mayweather's timing is too predictable in my opinion. It seems that, if he ever comes back, the fighter he would be willing to face is Juan Manuel Marquez, a much smaller fighter coming from a fresh victory in the Lightweight ranks, and whose natural fighting weight is at the Super Featherweight Division. May's natural fighting weight is at Welterweight, two legitimate weight classes above Marquez'.

Putting Marquez and Mayweather will give us one of the most boring fights, given both fighters' styles. Mayweather will make money and may again retire undefeated, not challenging the best in his weight category. This would just be another disappointment in the sport where fans clamor for action-packed classic fights.

However, if Money Mayweather decides to fight legitimate fighters in his own weight class, then he might just change a lot of critics' and fans' opinion about him.

With 39 fights in his belt still undefeated, Mayweather is no doubt one of the greatest boxers of all-time. But until he gets to his 40th to 50th fights, the stage where the legitimate, prime Welterweights clash, he will just be Pound-for-pound best in paper. Not proven. Doubted.

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